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“I know that this is a couple months late, but at least I made it. Three weeks before the end of March of 2015, I had called around getting quotes from several moving companies. Our situation was different because we had to move out on March 20th, place our belongings in storage till the end of the month then have it moved to our new spot. Out of all of the (4) movers I was going to call, (based off of the research that I had done), my first thought was that Grabel was the one to beat. I had used them when my family and I had moved for my interstate move to Bellevue. They were top notch. Of course I was not paying for it and that is why they were top notch. In any case, their quote was pretty high, but really great team to work with and discuss concerns about the move and storage. Problem was they were still way too high.

Out of the other 3 companies, Wise Choice easily was the one that won out. They were just as personable and professional as Grabel. We negotiated and they came in line with what we wanted to spend, they work with a storage unit place really close to their office and got a really good deal, all in all.

We had around 10K lbs of stuff and spent a little over 3 grand, (this included the storage for 10 days). Hard working crew of guys that were fast and efficient. Nothing was damaged, they followed up and were very courteous and professional. I would strongly recommend them to any of my colleagues and friends for sure!

I feel bad for Vivian and her experience that she had - certainly hope that was a one off cause the eight guys that I worked with from Wise Choice were great. I certainly hope that Vivian's situation was taken care of.

Yes, their time does start once they leave the office but I knew that going in. I mean traffic here isn't good for anyone, really, but that is just my opinion. We prepped as much as we could by packing and moving most of the boxes in the garage or in the hallways and we dismantled the beds, as well. So that helped with the time to pack the truck. Just a suggestion to anyone moving.

Overall, they are deserving of 5 stars in my book.”
Carlos E.

Kirkland, WA

“Movers were recommended by the apartment/townhouse we were moving to. They were quick with estimate & our move. Jorge & Corey were fast, efficient and very professional. Would recommend them as well as use them again in a month when we literally move across the street! Thank you!”
Juanita O

Mill Creek, WA

“These guys were great!! Worked all day and completed my move properly. From 9am until 11pm they were helping move, install, etc. I have used them in the past and will continue to use their services.”
Puneet S.

Lynnwood, WA

“Wise Choice Mover did an excellent job. I move from my 24th floor condo to my new house. The condo required insurance of 100k Steve went and met the requirements to do the move. If you want your stuff to be taken care of use this company. Next time I move this place will be my first choice.”
David H.

Las Vegas, NV

“I chose this moving company because of their reviews on YELP. I called and they were very informative on their prices and what they do for their services. I went with them on March 7th the big moving day to Camano Island from Bothell. It was an all-day move thinking it could all be done with one trip........but it took two trips without any complaints of having to make another trip and loaded up again. I had a lot of big furniture from a lot of rooms. It was a long day for all of us but I was VERY satisfied with the service and caring of all our items. They were willing to do anything that was asked of them. A BIG thank you to the men (Shane and his team).I would highly recommend this moving company!!!!”
Wendy O

Seattle, WA

“I've moved more than 12 times over the past 20 years, 4 moves over the past 4 years. This was by far one of the best and easiest moves I've experienced. Steve was very professional working with me to schedule (and reschedule) our move date. The crew - Gabino and Vince - were very professional, polite and on time. They called when in route to the apartment and arrived on time. They were very fast and careful, which can be rare in movers. I have to say the apartment we moved from was on the second floor with an interior stairway that is very narrow and we have some heavy and wide furniture. There was no damage to the apartment at all.

I needed to use some of their wardrobe boxes and ended up keeping them, but they were very clear with the pricing beforehand so there were no surprises. The crew broke for lunch after the truck was loaded and on their way to our new home, so there was no delay for us, which I thought was very thoughtful.

The unpacking was handled just as carefully and they even tightened furniture legs that had become loose. I felt they did an outstanding job and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.”
Danielle O

Duvall, WA

“These guys were great. They showed up right on time, were kind, curious and incredibly professional yet fun to work with.

Their hourly rate is honest and straight forward and in our research they were the best price to service ratio in the Seattle metro area.

They came in and had us moved into our new place by the early afternoon - including all furniture placement. They easily shaved two days off of the process (had my future wife and I tried to do it ourselves).”
Richard L

Kenmore, WA

“When I decided I was going to move, I looked on the internet for moving companies, contacted the BBB, and really did my homework. Wise Choice Movers seemed to be a good bet. I gave them a call, and got a quote that was so low, I called back to confirm that it wasn't a mistake. On moving day, they arrived exactly on time. I had two movers who were very polite and professional. They moved my three bedroom apartment in about two hours. There was not a single issue during our move, no dents, no scratches, no missing boxes. I would whole heartedly recommend Wise Choice Movers!”
Renee N.

Woodinville, WA

“I sure made a wise choice by hiring these people to help me with the move :). Brandon quoted me a great price. The two movers did a great job. They were friendly and efficient and made the move a breeze. There were no damages, as they were very careful with the stuff. A few teeny-tiny things could've been shoved into another box to save a couple of rounds and it wud've been easy for me if TV and other wires could've been separately rolled up. Just a constructive feedback, nothing negative about their job :)”

Kirkland, WA

“Shane and Steve did an excellent job. They arrived on time, got right to work and moved in under the estimate.

As a single person, moving from a one bedroom to one bedroom in Capitol Hill - with a full house worth of stuff, this was TOTALLY worth the reduced stress and was ultimately cost effective when I considered my time, cost of a uhaul, and the headache
of moving everything without the proper equipment.

Thanks wise choice!”
Laura E

Seattle, WA

“Moved from Kenmore to Woodinville a week ago and hired Wise Choice Movers to get the job done and that they did. Gage and Donald were both very professional and pleasant. They took great care of our furniture and boxes as well as both apartment buildings. No damage to anything and put everything where we directed. They also worked quickly and efficiently so cost was very reasonable. Highly recommend and will be using WCM when time comes to move again.”
Amy S

Kenmore, WA

“Absolutely OUTSTANDING! I found Wise Choice Movers to help my boss' family move from one city to another (about 15 minutes away). My boss and his wife were nothing but impressed. They had incredible customer service and were more reasonably priced out of the three companies that I researched. If you are looking for a moving company, you've found them! Trust me.”
Jessica L

Redmond, WA

“Moving is never fun, but you wouldn't know it with this group. They were stellar and made the day so much better. We had to empty an apartment and storage unit in totally different towns then move into new house. Everything went smoothly and they were super nice... I would of asked them out for a beer if I didn't have a house to unpack!

Thank you so much!!!!”
Elizabeth Z

Seattle, WA

“Let me start by saying that this is not another 5-Star review. My moving day started with a nightmarish call from Steve, telling me that their driver didn't show up and would need to reschedule. This is the worst thing you want to hear with a 6 month old by your side and all things packed and ready to move. This is by no means a big time moving company but we took the risk because we prefer local businesses and read the reviews on yelp. So now what?

Steve, even though just one of the crew members was extremely polite and apologetic and helped coordinate a replacement in less than 20 minutes. Timely and good initiative, since I was blowing steam by now.

So why the 5 stars? These stars are JUST for Anthony and Vince. They were the most energetic, well - mannered, professional young men I've had the experience working with. The company made the right calling hiring these stars to their team.

Now, the move was a breeze. These guys are Fast AND Careful at the same time! We were moving from a 2 bedroom, 2nd floor apartment to a brand new, 3 floor home with pristine hardwood all over. I was obviously very worried about any dings and scratches.

Right off the bat they impressed us with their work ethic. They used the stairs instead of the elevator since it was the closest to the apartment and the most efficient/fast way, even though it would mean much harder work from them. They made light work of 30-40 pound boxes and the furniture was properly shrink wrapped.

I observed their stacking skills in the truck and everything was perfectly placed and held secure with bungee cords. At the destination, they used furniture blankets. They were fast moving each box to its room but we're extremely careful, putting each box down like it was full of glass to avoid any dings or scratches to our shiny floor.

They even helped me assemble my bed, even though I had disassembled it myself.

So there you go, my 5 stars to these awesome guys.”
Ash N

Redmond, WA